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Stone Consulting

We provide commercial and residential inspection, evaluation, and remediation services:

  • ASTM testing
  • On site testing
  • Failure analysis
  • Material defect studies
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Installation challenges and issues
  • Historic preservation and conservation
  • Insurance claims (flood, fire, vandalism)
  • Restoration and repair, and writing specifications
  • Sample Collection
  • Infrared thermography
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Repair feasibility studies
  • Environmental Impact studies
  • Facilities management services
  • Petrographic and other laboratory testing
  • Slip / Fall testing and prevention program
  • Training programs specific to client needs

Products we service:

  • Porcelain, Ceramic, Glass Tile
  • Engineered Quartz and Marble
  • Marble, Granite, Slate, Limestone, Travertine
  • Concrete, Terrazzo, and Mexican and French Clay Paver

Information and advice to help clients take the best course of action:

  • Formal report assessing material issues and environmental impact
  • Action Plan and specifications for restoration, maintenance, repair
  • Supporting documents, such as photographs, product information guides, and test results

Comprehensive training programs

  • Onsite, customized training to ensure the material’s presentation, condition and preservation
  • Geology 101: The Basics of Natural & Engineered Stone, Clay Paver, Tile & Grout
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