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Pfizer, San Diego
Installation Defect Issues; Restoration
Museum Fossil Stone, Hollywood
Restoration and Repair
Historic Court House, Santa Ana
Risk Assessment Study
Granite Testing, Palos Verdes
Material Defect Analysis
North American College, Houston
Installation Defect Issues
Corporate HQ, Fountain Valley
Expansion and Contraction Issues
Stone Testing, St. Louis
Environmental Suitability
Shady Canyon, Irvine
Material Defect Analysis, Maintenance and Repair

Stone and Tile Consulting & Forensics

PALEY Stone & Tile Forensics provides expert stone and tile assessment and consulting, testing, and training for residential and commercial installations and applications.  Our services range from assessing installation failures to providing expert witness testimony to environmental suitability studies to restoring museum pieces.

Our clients include commercial centers, hotels/resorts, government buildings, insurance companies, home builders, property managers, tile contractors, interior designers, architects, homeowners, building engineers, and attorneys.

Typical questions include:

  • “What impact does a flood have on a stone floor?”
  • “Why do tiles lift, tent, chip, and crack on flooring?”
  • “Which sealer is best and how should sealers be evaulated?”
  • “How do I slow down the effects of weathering on natural stone?”
  • “How can we restore a historical building to its original condition?”
  • “What types of limestone are suitable for salt water environments?
  • “When is tile movement a structural and not an installation issue?”